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DOES GOD EXIST? Resources for Study or Teaching

DOES GOD EXIST? Audio Series with John N. Clayton
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1- Introduction

2- The Beginning

3- Intuitive Design

4- Architectural Design

5- Design or Chance?

6- What Is God?

7- In God's Image

8- The Problem of Human Suffering

9- Why Are We Here?

10- Which God Should We Serve?

11- Why the Bible?

12- Evolution

13- The Age of Things

14- The Sequence of Genesis One

15- The Animals of Genesis

16- Is God a Magician or an Engineer?

17- The Flood

18- Making Moral Choices

19- Morality's Proof of God

20- God's Finest Design (Part 1)

21- God's Finest Design (Part 2)

22- The Paranormal

23- Demonology and Exorcism

24- The Nature of Man

25- Why I Left Atheism (Part 1)

26- Why I Left Atheism (Part 2)

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